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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

On the last sliver of patience

Folks, this parenting gig is a con. A long con. J has been gone since Sunday morning, is back tomorrow post Keiden's bedtime...and I'm done. Actually I've been done since yesterday. 

I know that he misses his daddy, and that's why he's been extra everything. Extra whiny, extra clingy, extra argumentative, extra demanding, and extra affectionate. But gosh guys, toddler hood is not just tough on the littles...it's tough on us too. It's become increasingly hard to make sure I don't just spew out anger at K. The counting to ten before I respond to another 'naughty' thing he has done has gone up to twenty...and the pauses between the numbers have become longer.

Clearly this is just a vent post. But I'll end it on a cute note. With the loss of his blocks,puzzles and drawing item privileges he has become reattached to a pull along crocodile gift Mandy gave him. So now crocodile is going along with him everywhere. Croc needs his own chair and food, must also wash his hands before eating. Croc gets to pick the stories they're going to read. It is all kinds of cute to see, and does help refill the patience well a smidge.

What do you do to refill the patience well?


  1. Shame man. Patience? I don't have much, hey? But when I feel myself losing it, then I up my dosage of evening primrose oil (for real!) and that helps.

    But love tanks.... is his full? do you know his love language?

    1. That's a reminder that I need to get more Marcia, thanks. I suspect his language is quality time and physical affection. His tank is probably down due to no daddy time.

  2. My mum once told me that taking five minutes to yourself to have a cup of tea, after making sure that your kid would not tear the house down, was not a crime. I drank a lot of tea between years 2 and 4. Drink the tea.

    1. Your mom - and you - be wise folks. I just clicked, I haven't been having as much tea this week...time for more :)


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