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Friday, 30 September 2016

Five for Friday

It's pretty interesting to me that there are people who are able to very clear say what their favourite book/tv show/movie/song/game of all time. I can't nail down any of those for myself, what I love about something changes...especially so as I learn more, live more. So yes, there can be something that I love, love, love, but calling it a favourite is tough. Am I the only person who thinks like that?

We've started using a star chart for Keiden. So far, some mixed results. He loves the idea of getting a star, but doing something to get the star - packing away his toys - not really going to happen. Or he starts intending to, but then gets distracted.

Parenting in general, has lately just been extra grind moments and fewer awesome ones. The challenging twos is really pushing my mettle. Although, hugs, kisses, love you helps some.

All of the recent #feesmustfall stuff has been heartbreaking. The poor UL students who had to sleep on the street because the university closed indefinitely. Then there's also going to be the knock on affect on health services that rely on grads doing their community service year. It's terrifying thinking about what will happen to all the communities that won't be serviced properly due to a lack of people to do so.

And on a geeky note. Happy Luke Cage day folks :D


  1. Cassey, it might help you to think of it as your 5 favourite movies/ books/ etc. and think of that list as a fluid one. Like I wrote on my blog last week about the podcasts, these are my current favourite 5 :)

    1. True, fluidity does seem the way to go :)

  2. I tend to change favorites a lot - however some stay put for a while. But honestly I can not have one favorite - give me a list of about 5 - apart from books - that must be about 10.

    1. Happens to me too, when I think of one then I'm reminded of another. 5 to 10 seems a much better idea.


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